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Laughing Fox from New Glarus Brewing Co.

October 24, 2011 Leave a comment

New Glarus has been on a roll lately. In the past couple of months they’ve released three new beers: Blacktop IPA, Laughing Fox, and a Chocolate Abbey ale under their Thumbprint series. Blacktop IPA is already making its mark, as it won a Gold Medal at this year’s Great American Beer Festival in the American-Style Black Ale category.

Laughing Fox started showing up on store shelves in Wisconsin around Labor Day. This wheat beer is a kristalweizen (essentially a filtered hefeweizen) and clocks in at a modest 4.5% alcohol by volume, which makes it a very sessionable beer.

Beer Review
The wheat ale pours a clear, dark copper in color with a thick light khaki-colored head, that eventually settles down. The aroma consists of bananas, with light chocolate or cocoa, clove, and spicy yeast. The mouthfeel is full-bodied. It has a softness to it with a tingling carbonation. Although, if you push the beer around your mouth, it still maintains a light airiness to it.

Laughing Fox starts off with flavors of wheat malt, banana & some slight chocolate, followed by a dusting of cinnamon. The satisfying flavor of the wheat malt really emerges in the middle. Cloves linger in the finish.

I was really impressed with this autumn release. When I think of Fall, wheat beers like kristalweizens don’t tend to come to mind, but the combination of 50% Wisconsin red wheat seems to work here and gives this beer a little heartier feel in both taste, and certainly appearance to match the cooler weather.


Beer News: The Monday Morning ‘Prost’

September 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Today’s Labor Day and while most of us are (hopefully) enjoying the day off, here’s a chance to sit down with your cup of coffee and catch up on some recent craft beer news from the following week or so. Hope you have a great Labor Day!

Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout to be released October 3rd
The second in the Founders Brewing Co.’s “Backstage Series” will feature the much anticipated release of their Canadian Breakfast Stout (CBS). Some of you might be familiar with Founders Breakfast Stout, (8.3% stout brewed with flaked oats, chocolate, and Sumatra and Kona coffee) and the Kentucky Breakfast Stout (11.2% imperial stout with chocolate, coffee, and aged for a year in oak bourbon barrels). Previously, only available on tap the Canadian Breakfast Stout was aged in Canadian Whiskey barrels. The upcoming bottle version is an imperial stout with a blend of chocolate and coffee, then aged in bourbon barrels that were most recently aging pure maple syrup form Michigan. Expect to pay around $18 for a 750 mL bottle.

Two New Beers from New Glarus Brewing Co.
Robin Shepard’s review of Black Top Black IPA from the New Glarus Brewing Co. Also, look for Laughing Fox, a reddish amber kristal weizen. I picked up a single bottle of Laughing Fox on Sunday and am looking forward to trying it.

Harvest Brews
Here’s a nice article from last Sunday’s (8/28) Milwaukee Journal Sentinel by the author of the “Beer & Food” book, Lucy Saunders. She writes about some of the upcoming Fall beers and pairng them with grilled foods, salads, and dessert. I really wish the Journal Sentinel would run more articles like this on a regular basis.

Guinness Black Lager to Launch in September
GUINNESS & Co. is releasing Guinness Black Lager nationwide this September.

“With Guinness Black Lager we really wanted to build on all the elements that people love about Guinness. ¬†We take immense pride in the quality of our product and ensured that we built on the Guinness legacy when creating this distinctive and refreshing lager. I have no doubt that Guinness and lager fans alike will enjoy this unique tasting new lager,” said Guinness Master Brewer Fergal Murray.

How soon before we can soon expect to see Guinness Extra Black Lager, Guinness Foreign Extra Black Lager, and Guinness Black Lager Draught?

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